Surprise Release of Vivi by Poppy Woods #newrelease

Happy surprise release day, Poppy Woods πŸ’œ


Surprise! Vivi is live! For $3 on payhip!

All succubi are children of Lilith. All incubi are children of Lucifer. Forget everything you think you know about my mother and her brother and let me set you straight.

Demons aren’t born. They’re twisted human souls that have been in hell so long they forgot how to be human. Lilith, my mother, and Lucifer, my uncle, are twins who have existed for as long as anything else this universe has to offer. They like Hell, but they love Earth.

That’s how we succubi and incubi were born. When my mother or my uncle lays with a human, they can create something… different. Not quite a demon, but definitely not human.

We feed on the emotions and energy, usually sexual energy, of humans. Sleeping with a succubus sounds fun right? We all have perfect bodies. We’re your best worst nightmare. That trick you saw in that video online? I can do it better than that. I can make your toes curl before I even touch you, if I want.

But I should come with a warning label: May lead to addiction, loss of bodily fluids, and sometimes death.

My name is Vivi, and if you’re reading this journal then that means I’m dead, or wish I was.

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