Obscured by J. Kearston #newrelease

Obscured (Rise of the Sphinx Book 2) by J. Kearston

The journey through the Underworld is brutal and unforgiving. Nightmares come to life, taking everything that I thought I knew and tearing it apart. 
Destroy or be destroyed. 
But when every truth is obscured, what choice is left but to raze everything to the ground and build our future on the ashes?
!!!Please note, this book does end with a bit of a CLIFFHANGER, so if that bothers you, please wait to read until the series is complete. 

*This is a why choose, reverse harem, darker fantasy romance intended for ages 18+. This means our main character will not have to choose between her love interests. While not described in graphic detail, this series does contain mention of darker themes that some may find triggering, so please read the note in the beginning of the book before choosing to read.
*Heroine already has a child prior to meeting her harem.
*Unique shifters
*multi P.O.V.

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