Sprout by @poppywoods9 and @KendramorenoA #newrelease

Sprout: A High Fantasy Reverse Harem (The Blooming Courts Book 2)

A deadly disease has spread through the Blooming Courts of Tuatha.

The louloudi are meant to flourish for a thousand years before they return to the Earth. Death has been a distant foe for so long, no one spares it any thought. Until now. As sickness sweeps through the kingdom, with the cure always just out of reach, the courts have never been filled with so many blossoms. Even in death, they breathe life. 

Ila Slystina has been raised in the confines of the Orchidasi Kingdom, wanting for nothing, hidden away like some sparkling treasure, but she dreams of so much more. When she’s caught returning from a forbidden trip, her mother, the Queen, punishes her the only way she sees fit. 

Ila is sent on her season far earlier than she should be. Now, she’s being paraded through the twelve courts like a prized cow and she wants nothing more than to escape. But along the way, she just might get more than what she bargained for. 

After all, the courts aren’t the only things that must bloom . . .

Book 1:

Flourish book 3 (releasing April 28th)

Emerge book 4 (releasing May 26th)

Blossom book 5 (releasing June 30th)


Photographer Michelle Lancaster #interview @Lanefotograf

Please give a warm welcome to Michelle Lancaster/Lanefotograf

Tell us a bit about yourself

This question could be answered a million different ways.. I was born, I lived, I’m still here… ummm when I was 10 I poked 4 holes into my earlobe and my mum said don’t come running to me when it hurts. 

Chase A Mattson

I guess I’m a sensitive introverted extrovert who grew up loving images and fantasy worlds for escapism and creativity. I always loved rebellion and being naughty and listening to other people tell me about horror stories I was too afraid to watch. 

Tommy Pearce
Tommy Pearce

Have you always wanted to become a photographer?

I think so yes. I strayed for a while and became a music teacher but I’ve always come back to art and imagery throughout my life. I gave up in high school because I think I was waiting for the digital era. Being in a darkroom was really only good for one thing in my opinion. 

Chad Hurstt
Chad Hurstt

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I find inspiration within the human I’m working with.. the way we interact and connect.. I see a light in them and want to capture it. I also like to imagine a story line in my head to go with an image. Like I might say.. “ok you’ve been waiting for your lover to come home and she hasn’t arrived and it’s driving you crazy.. show me what that looks like”

Mitchell Wick
Mitchell Wick

What are you working on now?

I’ve been working through recent shoots with Mitchell Wick, Lochie Carey and Tommy Fierce. I’ve also been writing… dun dun dun dahhhh.. 

Tommy Pearce

Do you have any quirks while working?

I often bash my head into running ceiling fans when I’m standing on a bed taking photographs of a model. I often walk backwards into things and smash my knees on furniture. I’m just waiting for the day I slip off the sides of a bath tub and break my neck. All the injuries are worth it for the right shot. 

What are your hopes for the future?

Right now it’s just the ability to shoot again.. this virus is ruining the world and I hope we stamp it out fast with isolation. Stay the fuck home. I’m addicted to photography so this is cold turkey at the moment. And photographing flowers ain’t gonna cut it. 

Mason Kreidt

Do you have anything to say to your followers?

I fucking love you. Especially the cheeky authors, I’m endlessly entertained by the things they say to me. I’m in awe of their talent and I’m so grateful to have fallen into this magical sexy world with them. 

Chad Hurstt

Here are some covers by Michelle.

Badass Alchemy by #MJMarstens

Badass Alchemy (Assassins of the Shadow Society Book 1)

💀A bad*ss FMC
💀Angels, demons, souls, and f*ckery in the realms
💀The use of a trident as a stabbing weapon
💀New Orleans’ based Voodoo and maybe some Princess and the Frog references
💀A bit of intrigue and mystery
💀Sexy men who think that they know everything

Get ready to open a can of spiritual whoop ass. . . 

As a Realm Guardian, I’m one of the few humans that can pierce the In-Between.  It’s a tedious job, done mostly behind the scenes.  I simply monitor the souls that have not crossed over yet.  Ninety-eight percent of them complete their unfinished business; then move along, but it’s the two percent that screws me over.

These are the souls that have no intention of cooperating.

Of finishing their business.

Of crossing-over.

Instead, they are here to wreck shop.

Unfortunately for them, that’s where I come in.

I’m Sassafras Dejais and I’m the last line of defense between these malicious spirits and the human world.

Usually, I make quick work of these dicks souls and then move on with my life.

But lately, that two-percent has been growing. . .

It’s getting harder to keep up on my own; so when a devastatingly handsome man offers me a card to join A.S.S., I consider it.

It sounds like the In-Between needs a hero.

Someone badass and full of sass.

Ironically, Sass is my nickname.

And Badass is my middle name.

Warning: This is book one in the reverse harem series ASSASSINS of the SHADOW SOCIETY.  It’s intended for readers 18+.  This story is broken into novella pieces and will end with unanswered questions.

Stealing Shiloh by @K_AKnight and #LoxleySavage #newrelease

Stealing Shiloh: A Dark Alien Sci-Fi (The Forsaken Book 2)

I am one of the Forsaken. 

Growing up in the Harvest House I always knew what my destiny would be – a life dedicated to an alien Klan purley for mating purposes. Never did I imagine that I would actually like the Klan who won me never mind start to care for them…and crave them. 

My new life on Oxious was better than I had ever hoped for, until I was taken. My captors are cruel and malicious. They despise my Klan mates for a past I know nothing about. Guided by their blind rage, they take their hatred out on me.

Will I ever see my mates again or will I forever remain a captive in this unforgiving prison?

My name is Shiloh, and I have been stolen. 

*Stealing Shiloh is book two in The Forsaken series, this book can be read as a stand-alone as can any of the others. This book has mature content intended for 18+ with explicit and violent scenes. Stealing Shiloh is a reverse harem, dark alien sci-fi romance*

Wintertide by @EverlyTaylor1 and @MelodyCalder1 #newrelease

❄️ Happy release day, Melody & Everly 💙

Wintertide (Shadow Isle Reformatory Book 1)

Shadow Isle Reformatory where the good, the bad, and the worst are sent to be fixed. What no one tells you, is the teachers don’t give two shits, and its more of a prison than an actual reformatory. The only thing we learn here, is how to survive.

Being born of winter and ice, survival should have been no issue for me. There was one catch, I had no clue how to control it. I was a constant disappointment to my family, one they feared instead of loved. It didn’t help that my sister had it out for me and was determined to have me sent away.

My sister got her wish, and I was sent to hell on earth, needing to figure out who to trust, and who was my enemy. I find the most unlikely allies, or at least I thought I had until I learned that betrayal was right in our midst.

A druid, the son of Lucifer, a Lion shifter and the son of Jack Frost himself…. Who can I trust and who is ready to betray me, just as my family had?


Check out my interview with Everly
Check out my interview with Melody

Pre-order Dark Fae Academy and Prison by #ScarlettSnow @gbaileyauthor

Shadowborn Academy: Year Two (Dark Fae Academy Series Book 2)

My past is left in the dark,
And my shadow is no longer there.

In the Enchanted Forest, some secrets are better left in the past. 
Year two at Shadowborn Academy is looking like it will be the deadliest yet.

Will Corvina and her friends find a way to survive? 

Shadowborn Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Fae Romance for 18+. In this world, not even the shadows can be trusted…

Shadowborn Academy: Year Three (Dark Fae Academy Series Book 3)

My fate is in the darkness,
And the war there is real… 

Secrets thrive in the Enchanted Forest and one girl must find a way to stop the fae war before it’s too late. With her sister raising titans and gods, the light in her dreams turning out to be a lie, and her men in grave danger…life at the academy has never been this dangerous. 

A mirror once spoke of a girl born in hate who could stop a war. But does that girl stand a chance against the power of the fae? 

Shadowborn Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Fae Romance for 18+. In this world, not even the shadows can be trusted…

Shadowborn Royals (Dark Fae Paranormal Prison Series Book 2)

The light is my prison…and I can’t escape. 

I’m Izora Dawn and this is the second prison I find myself locked in for something I didn’t do. 

Only this prison is worse and far more dangerous. 

Beyond the prison walls, the fae world is at war and nothing I can do will stop it. I may come from the light, but to win this war, to keep my family and lovers safe, I will embrace the darkness.

Shadowborn Royals is a crossover spin-off to Shadowborn Academy. You do not need to read the latter to follow this series. One is for sure—not even the shadows can be trusted in this Enchanted Forest…
18+ Reverse Harem Dark Fae Prison Romance.

Author Jade Ryan #interview

Please give a warm welcome to

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am married to my high school sweetheart and have two teenagers, a 10th grader and a freshman in college. By day, I teach middle school – scary stuff! – and by night, I spend time with family, write, volunteer at the animal shelter. I love coffee and animals.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Yes and no. I have thought about, even wrote a story in 3rd grade and went to the Young Author’s Festival. But as I got older, it was all about becoming a teacher.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

One of my best friends in book world asked if I wanted to join a group of author’s to write about villain’s getting their happily ever after. I said yes! So did my usual co-author Kendall Oliver. She had to join me – I begged. LOL.

What are you working on now?

I am working on the edits for a book, Ligon, I started in August of 2018 and finished (the first draft anyway) in June of 2019. My editor and I have been working on it in between the novella I released in December and the novel I just finished for the Mischief Matchmaker Series. I plan to release Ligon in May!

Do you have any quirks while writing?

I don’t know. LOL. I can write almost anywhere. Around people. People talking to me. After every chapter, I have to put it through Grammarly and fix it. Then, I tend to work on the content edits I see for that chapter before moving on. I will bug my friends if a certain part is confusing. I also like to finish a book now before my editor or awesome beta reader Mamaw sees it so she gets the whole picture.

What are your hopes for the future?

Honestly, to be as well known as Harper, Quinn, or Stacy. I’m super proud of their accomplishments! They have done so much in a short time. It’s amazing.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

NEVER GIVE UP! I have wanted to quit so many times. My friends keep me going.

Do you have anything to say to your readers?

Thank you for reading my books. Good, Bad, or (hopefully not) Ugly!



Jade Ryan & Kendall Oliver’s Kindred Spirits

Mischief Matchmakers Misfits

Blindly Indicted by #KatieMay #newrelease

Blindly Indicted (Paranormal Prison) by Katie May

I lived my life as a prisoner. 

I’ve always been told stories about the real world, but I haven’t seen it for myself. All I have ever known is pain. 

And darkness. 

They tell me I have been blind since birth. 

When I make my escape, I think freedom is finally within my grasp…

Until I’m captured by the paranormal police for a murder I didn’t commit. Apparently, I have powers—powers I have always suspected myself of having.

Normal people can’t see through other people’s eyes, right?

Thrust into Nightmare Penitentiary, I meet a group of hard, alpha, psychotic inmates who believe I’m the answer to all their prayers. Me? I’m just trying to survive and figure out what it means to live. My new home isn’t just a prison, but a labyrinth with horrors around every corner. 

But what if the cost of my life is my freedom? Am I willing to trade one cage for another? 

Welcome to Nightmare Penitentiary where you come in handcuffs and leave in a body bag. 

This is NOT a bully romance. These men are all hardened criminals and extreme alphas, but they adore their female. Be prepared to enjoy a painfully naïve female main character who slowly grows as the book progresses and a group of psychotic, murderous males. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, and a reverse harem romance. 

This is a 130,000 words stand-alone reverse harem romance and a part of the shared Paranormal Prison world.

Rose: Feelin Thorny by @JewelsArthur #newrelease

Rose: Feelin Thorny (Jewels Cafe Series Book 15) by Jewels Arthur

Rose drank the pumpkin spice latte and she got the men. Sounds like a happily ever after for this big beautiful woman, right?

Not so fast.

Rose, Dean, Finn, and Sebastian know that someone is targeting Vee with all these bogus charges but they don’t know who or why.

Could it be a coincidence? An act of passion from an ex? An attack on their vampirism? Or could it be something else entirely?

Will Rose and her men ever get a minute to relax or could this be the end of Vee?


#Review of Fires of Hatred by #ErinOkane

Fires of Hatred: The War and Deceit Series, Book One by Erin O’Kane

‘My name is 625. 
At least, that’s the number branded into my skin, the only identity I have.
My real name, whatever it was, was stripped from me when I was sold into slavery at age eight.
I am now 20, and no more than property, my only purpose working in the palace.
Until the day I meet him.’

The Elves and Humans have been at war for millennia. 
No one even remembers why or how it started.
When a slave girl is sent to clean in a forbidden part of the castle, she stumbles across a secret which could cost her life.
A captured Elf, sworn enemy of the Human people, forced into making Elven weaponry to fight against his own kin.

Will they see past the differences between their races and help each other to survive?

Or will their union only serve to stoke the fires of hatred?

This book is intended for audiences 18+ and contains some scenes of violence that some may find distressing.