PA Dom Whit #interview

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Tell us a bit about yourself

A bit about myself, hmmm, this seems to always be the hardest of questions. Lets just start with the norm, I am mom of two daughters, who I homeschool. Yes, that means I am a stay at home mom! I married my best friend; we have been together going on 16 years. I am a pet lover and have loads (the hubs is not thrilled with this little quirk). I have for as long as can remember been an avid book lover, which lead to the best job ever. A few things people might not know is, I have a Master of Science in Psychology, I enjoy sewing or cross-stitching and I am a coffee addict…love the nectar of the gods!

How long have you been a PA?

I have had the absolute privilege of being called a PA for about 15 months! It is such a blast working with these wonderful ladies and assisting them in their careers.

Have you always wanted to be a PA?

Honestly, even as an avid reader for the last 30 years, it never dawned on me that one could be a PA for their favorite authors. I was still thinking of the old school or classic process of going through a publishing house. Yes, the thought is laughable, but I was more of a reader and less activate on social media. Once I gained social media, I realized that the indie author movement was huge, and got a glimpse of the process authors take to get their books to the masses!

What do you do as a PA?

As a PA I support my authors in any way that I can! An idea of what I assist with is helping create graphics, supporting during a takeover, recommending others to love their work as much as I do! I do my best to ensuring the author reader groups are fun and engaging. I also get the pleasure of reading their books and listening to audiobooks too! I will attend a few signings to support them through that process, BABE is going to be so exciting!

Do you have any quirks while working?

I do not have any unusual quirks while working, unless having a toddler in my lap while I create games or graphics a quirk!

What are your hopes for the future?

My hope for the future is to continue supporting my authors, they truly are amazing ladies with hearts of gold! My goal is to have a front row seat watching their career grow and prosper and I am thankful to be a part of it!

Do you have any advice for new PA’s?

My advice to new PAs or people who want to start PAing, is to be diligent and work hard for your author, because they become your author and not just an author. Be honest with them, let them know what you are or are not capable of creating or accomplishing. Do not hesitate to ask questions of them and other PAs, they have been here a bit longer! Be friendly and understanding of the readers, who are anticipating the next book, or signing or a plethora of other things from your author! My last bit of advice is simply to have fun and be loyal to who you are supporting!

Are you available for new work or booked solid.

I would love to say yes, I am available to take on more of the incredible authors out there, but at this time I am fully book with my fabulous authors!


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