It’s official! TEMPEST TRIO is here!

We have been secretly and not so secretly collaborating for a while, but the time has come to come out publicly, so here we are Helle, Ira and Josie as the TEMPEST TRIO!!!!!

What that means is that we will now be able to love and support more authors, read more books, share more posts, do more interviews, have more takeovers and do more giveaways. And of course, weekly New Releases. And a monthly or biweekly Newsletter.

We will soon post the schedules for Author Invasion in Ira Myriam’s World of Books and Feature Fridays in Soe Books Bliss and Soe Delights. There are still some spots available in Soe Book Bliss, and if you are interested please contact Josie Cross PA.

Our promo groups are

Soe Book Bliss (All genres)

Ira Myriam’s World of Books (All genres)

Soe Delights (RH – Menage only)

And our blogs

Helle Gade

Ira Myriam


Josie Cross PA

Helle Soe Gade

Soe Delights

New Releases

New Releases 2020

New Releases 2019


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