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Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Kaitlyn and I’m a 23 year old newbie author. I’m absolutely obsessed with mermaids and RH. It started off as just a mermaid obsession but then I read Winter Rose’s book The Last Vesseland I was instantly hooked. I began branching out looking for more RH books and I found Avery Thorn’s book Into The Sea’s Embrace. I loved it. I’m actually polyamorous so seeing people like me represented in books felt so amazing.

Have you always wanted to become an author?

I’ve always loved writing and would make up little stories before I fell asleep each night. I began writing professionally at eight years old though when I won an Honorable Mention Award for some poetry I had written. After that, I couldn’t get enough of writing. It became my escape from some pretty horrific crap I’ve gone through.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I’m obsessed with mermaids and magick so it was only natural I write about them. My biggest inspirations though are definitely Avery and Winter. They’re such kick ass authors and I really hope to be like them one day. I look up to Avery Song as well, and I hope to be lucky enough to have a fraction of her success.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on my first book baby! It’s hopefully going to be released in March of 2020 so mark your calander and get prepared for one hell of a ride 🙂

Do you have any quirks while writing?

I stick my tongue out the side of my mouth when I’m really focused on something, such as writing. I’ve tried to stop so many times but it just happens. Eventually I just gave up and went with the flow 😂

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

My advice would be this: Don’t be scared. I know how frightening it can be sharing something as near and dear to your heart as a story you’ve written is, believe me. I second guessed myself a million times over and almost decided not to publish. You can’t let your insecurities tell your story for you, so just take deep breaths and know that there are 7 billion people in the world. It’s scientifically proven at least one of those people will love your book and want to know more! Talk to the people who support you, chances are they will give you advice and help make your dreams become a reality.

Do you have anything to say to your readers?

I’m just so thankful for all the positive feedback and support I’ve gotten from both my readers and authors I look up to. It’s quite mindblowing, honestly. When I first started writing I never imagined that by 23 I would be publishing my own book. Without my readers support, none of this would have been possible so it means the world to me. I’m just so grateful for all of them and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us.

*Raevyn grunted in annoyance when one of her co-workers came dashing around the corner, running straight into her and sending her flailing around on the floor in front of the men before they had the chance to leave. She blushed a deep crimson as all eyes turned on her. “Dear Lord, may you swallow me up whole…” Raevyn whispered. Mr CEO chuckled and Raevyn squeaked in surprise, hoping against all hope that he hadn’t heard her. “Most women prefer to call me Sir and to do the swallowing themselves, but I’m all for equal rights.” Mr. CEO said as he graced Raevyn with a rare smile and helped her to her feet.*

Facebook group: Kaitlyn’s Kats

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