Taming The Ringmaster #review

Taming The Ringmaster (Her Freaks Book 2) by Erin O’Kane & K.A. Knight



After the bombs, the world changed. Alcide’s Circus is proof of that. Freaks, outcasts, abominations, they have been called it all, but they found freedom within the big top to embrace themselves and each other. They have never been slaves—until now.

Last Stop is a mecca in a destroyed world, filled with riches and treasures from the times before, yet under the decadent, utopian façade hides a darker underbelly, and when the circus rolls into town, things start to get interesting.

Fate has its cruel eyes set on Rhea, and will test everything she thought she knew, not only about herself but her family as well. Sometimes you have to lose everything to find the truth about who you are, and what you are capable of.

When the Circus falls and the freaks are forced to fight for their lives in the dust, will there be anyone left to pick up the pieces?


OHMYGODS this book took me on an emotional rollercoaster. At one point in the book I was crying and was ready to fly to England and kick both authors butts, but they redeemed themselves in the end of the book. I felt emotional wrung out after that story, now I’m going to be suffering from a banging book hangover.
This book goes from ashes of book one into a roaring fire. Rhea and her men are pushed to their absolute limits when they go to the city. Deceit lies around every corner and Rhea will have to dig deep to overcome her fears. She will discover new and amazing sides of her powers.
Let’s not forget the new character that will be introduced *squeeeee* and the scorching hot heat level *fanning mysel* 🔥🔥🔥
I highly recommend you one-click this amazing series and fall in love with the characters as I have. You won’t be disappointed.

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