Elizabeth Francine PA #interview

Please give a warm welcome to

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello there!! I am a single mother to 2 kids that are most likely gonna turn me grey before my prime! Im glad that look is in right now!! #greycanslay any way lol i also have a cat that can be his own diva!


How long have you been a PA?

I have been a PA since July! and I had no idea i was gonna embark on this type of business! Being an avid reader, I got on a couple street teams and had so much fun doing that I wondered what else i could do for these people and their amazing art!! So I stalked a couple of my faves and got into their PMs!! I did choose someone who had not had a PA before so we could both kind of embark on the journey together lol!! It has been an amazing experience to get to learn! I also reached out to a few PAs i knew of.


What do you do as a PA?

As a PA I Maintain Street teams and Arc teams, I build forms and sheets for such teams and do a little group management (just learning to spread my wings there!) as an introvert its a step to won just yet LOL.


Do you have any quirks while working?

Some quirks are my tv is always on netflix binge watching my faves! Criminal Minds Supernatural, Greys anatomy.


What are your hopes for the future?

My hopes are to fulfill my authors tasks well and hopefully make this a full time gig one day! I would enjoy being able to stay home and do this work all day! I have found i truly love helping other people!


Do you have any advice for new PA’s?

My advice would be that if you see yourself as an ultra fangirl and believe you can lighten the load of your favorite author than to reach out! The worst they can say is No thank you, but the door they could open for you could also be amazing!!



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