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Tell us a bit about yourself

Goodness, I’m not that interesting. I’m a half demon sadist who enjoys tormenting my readers with good ol’ cliffhangers and tormenting the characters you love most. Really though, I’m a regular mom who supports my family and does her best to get by. Also, I love people. I love making friends. And I am always willing to offer a cuddle.



Have you always wanted to become an author?

No, I fell into this career after writing fanfiction for fun. People liked my words, so I expanded and listened to feedback and grew.

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

I have the most interesting dreams. I take bits from them and pants the rest. I’m all about the pantsing writing style.



What are you working on now?

It’s a deep, dark secret, but I can tell you this. It will blow your mind.



Do you have any quirks while writing?

LOL. Don’t we all? I dress like a slob and wear free tee-shirts. I also use a ridiculous amount of post-its that have nothing to do with my writing. They are just there, on my desk, where I won’t read them, and they serve little actual purpose.



What are your hopes for the future?


Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

This is one of my favorite questions. YES! I have great advice (I promise). If you are new to the writing world, do what I and many other authors you love did: post your first work for free on sites like Fictionpress and Literotica. Get feedback. Grow from that feedback (even though sometimes it might be hard to hear). And above all, read Stephen King’s ON WRITING. Best book I’ve ever come across that really grasps the craft.



Do you have anything to say to your readers?

Gosh, I have so many things I want to say. Thank you, first off, for supporting me. Thank you for doing your own research when things got ugly. Thank you for all the love you sent when my health went to shit. Thank you for the never-ending support. Really, I felt and still feel that love. Thank you for having fun with me, joking with me, letting me tease you. Thank you for joining the Addison Cain’s Dark Longings Lounge so we could get to know one another. Thank you for following me on facebook and subscribing to my silly newsletters.

THANK YOU for being you. Thank you for letting me get to know you.

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