#Preorder Blaze and Cerberus Rising by Amelia Oliver

Blaze: A Dystopian, Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance Novel by Amelia Oliver

πŸ’€ Zombies with a twist
πŸ’₯ Paranormal
πŸ–€ Broken souls
🀬 Plot twists
🦁 Badass protector
πŸ”₯ Four hot guys
πŸŒ‡ Dystopian world
βš”οΈ Kickass FMC
πŸ’˜ Progressive burn
πŸ‘Š Action packed


“To rid this world of evil, first I must Blaze.”

History tells of a time long ago when small town scientist Dr Isaacs discovered the cure for cancer. Great right? And it was… For a time. The “Advanced” were born, and wars ravaged the earth.

I am one of few remaining immune to a virus created to kill only humans. Broken, cold-hearted, I fight tooth and claw to survive.

Four men claim me as theirs, but am I too broken to be with them? Fate decrees we save the world together but first We must discover who we really are.

My name is Kayla, and this is a story of how war never changes. But humankind does.


⚠️This book is intended for 18+ only. Scenes of a sexual nature, light m/m. Contains scenes of horror, murder and bloodshed. Some scenes may be disturbing for readers. This book contains references to rape. This is not the storyline, and a bloody justice is served. Please take these things into consideration, mental health is very important. ⚠️

Cerberus rising (A Halloween short story)
by Amelia Oliver


Cerberus Rising – 99c/99p on amazon

Cerberus isn’t what you have been told it is. A three-headed hound, bish, please. They are three badass Soul collectors for Lucifer himself.

January, Janika, and Joleen. The power of three.

Except… Januaryβ€”the odd one outβ€”is the opposite of her sexy, bloodthirsty sisters. Bookish, nerdy, she would rather read about blood and guts than spill any herself. She’s convinced she’s faulty, not having the powers that they do.

All Hell-born travel to the Earth plane to rack up their body counts, as is the tradition on All Hallows Eve. But this year, something happens that will reverberate through dimensions, and Heaven and Hell will never be the same again.

Will the devil force January to kill the only good thing in her life? She can’t win in a fight against the king of Hell, can she? The road to happiness is paved with revelations, horny hellhounds, and the blood of her enemies.


Stalk Amelia here here – https://linktr.ee/ameliaoliverauthor

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