#Preorder Before She Slumbers by BC Morgan and Everly Taylor

Before She Slumbers (Their Twisted Courts Book 1) by BC Morgan & Everly Taylor



We all grew up with stories of princes and princesses, the hero and the villain. But what if everything we were ever told was wrong? What if those we celebrated should have made us weep instead?

After Magdelena’s warnings of the new princess fell on deaf ears she felt powerless to stop the inevitable from occurring. Sometimes fate though, has a different plan in store for our hero’s and sets off a small spark within, one that might just be enough to end the tyranny of a cruel princess’s reign.

Join Magdelena, and her unlikely allies as they journey together through a world darker than you could have ever imagined and nothing is as we were once told.

Will the true hero get her happily ever after, or will darkness continue to reign over the lands?


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