#Preorder Expendable by Adell Ryan

Expendable: A Reverse Harem Romance (Her Reverse Genus Book 4) by Adell Ryan


Less than a month has passed since I was unexpectedly torn away from my ordinary life. From that moment on, our group has been plagued by one horrible event after another. Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of always being the passive victim. When they involve the people closest to me… that’s where I draw the line.
This time they took someone from us, and hoping to pull off a gutsy rescue, I intend on giving The Program exactly what they want…
Not only will I be leaving my four companions behind, but I’ll be fraternizing with the enemy. Rumor has it, we may have an unexpected ally, and I’m determined to figure out his modus operandi at any cost — especially if it means getting the intel and support we need.
The risk is huge. One thing is for sure though: if they think we’re expendable to their coveted “Program,” they’re in for a rude awakening.
In 2045, while the world isn’t terribly different, human rights are. Our heroines and heroes in Her Reverse Genus find themselves thrust into one unfortunate event after another where they’re forced to explore varying degrees of highly triggering topics that some readers may find difficult to read.

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Thursday, August 29th

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Adell Ryan’s Genus


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