Dark Temptations Volume I: A Collection of short stories from K.A Knight and Erin O’Kane #newrelease

Erin O’Kane and Katie Knight have a book, a collection of short stories, coming out today.

Dark Temptations Volume 1



Ever wanted to know what happened after Circus Save Me? Or maybe wanted to read about Rhea’s first time? That is all included PLUS some never before released bonus scenes. There is also bonus scenes from The Wild Boys and the previously published short from Valentines Between The Sheets!



Dark Temptations Volume I: A Collection of short stories




Welcome to the dark where we fulfil all your story temptations.

The twisted minds of K.A. Knight and Erin O’Kane have come together to bring you short stories that will leave you wanting more. See your favourite characters like never before…you asked for more…we delivered.

In this addition find yourself immersed in the circus as you find out what Rhea and her men got up to at Christmas with some never before seen bonus scenes.

Why not pull up a chair and get ready for some steamy extra stories from The Wild Boys, with never before seen scenes and a short story set after The Wild Interview.

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