Graphic Designer Erica petite

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Tell us a little about yourself

Hello, My name is Erica petit, I am self-taught freelance for 10 years in photo-manipulation. My world is dark and mysterious, also affecting fairy fantasy and gothic romance. I discovered the digital end of 2010 and so I have evolved in this area. I also create book illustrations in the style: Urban fantasy, paranormal romance and historical romance. Which my latest book illustration was published in a publishing house named “alter real” for author Seanan Mcguire, published in France.



Have you always wanted to become an artist / designer?

My school curriculum is quite chaotic. Being dyslexic and dysorthographic it was quite complicated level study. I started to design at the age of 19. For two years, I did a lot of volunteer design, to then discover Déviantart and how it works. I learned on the job. I then started designing cover. It must be seven years now that I make book illustrations for myself. I work with independent authors internationally and French publishers. Who is one day I would work with US editorial houses. (my dream).



Where do you find inspiration for your work?

My inspiration is often inspired by the urban fantasy universe – Paranormal Romance. It is according to my desires and my inspiration by seeing the stock photos.



What are you working on now?

At the moment, there is nothing special about premades. It happens to me to have empty periods “without requests for cover”



What are your hopes for the future?

I hope I can live one day, but I do not think it’s possible. I would also like to work with editorial boxes in the US not only in France.


Do you have something to say to your fans?

Looking forward to hearing from you and talking to you. 😊





The Book Cover Designer

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