Complete Series PNR – RH 15 #amreading

🔫 The Supers of Project 12

by Angel Lawson

Nature gave her a gift.

Evil turned it into a curse.

Astrid doesn’t remember much about her childhood, at least not before her parents death. After that her memories of the group home and the other eleven boys and girls that lived there are vague and scary. But not as scary as the doctors she had to visit each week or the shots that they gave her.

But she isn’t a child anymore. She’s an adult and with her mentor’s help, has carved a life for herself and the powers she wields. She’s safe. She’s capable. She’s super.

Until it all comes crashing down and the past races back into her life.

She’s not alone in her abilities and one-by-one she’ll find the others like her. She’ll form a team. Find heartache and love.

Ultimately she’ll have to take down one of her own.

That’s what it means to be one of the Elite.

*The Elite is a superhero fantasy series with a healthy dose of kick-ass action, an unstoppable heroine, a sexy reverse harem love story and gadgets and cool toys that every superhero wishes to add to their arsenal.



🔥 Her Alpha Protectors 🔥

by Savannah Skye

The name is Bond. Jane Bond.

Yes, really.

And after a string of crummy romances with even crummier guys, I’ve decided to skip all the emotional entanglements, take a tropical fantasy vacation, and just go straight for the meat and potatoes, so to speak. Imagine my excitement when I find there amazing guys, all intent on rocking my socks off. But they have a secret. One so dark, it threatens not only my safety and theirs, but that of the entire world…

Racy supernatural reverse harem series, jam-packed with romance and suspense featuring alpha heroes and the woman who loves them. For readers of vampire romance, urban fantasy and dark paranormal romance!



Vampire Game

by Leigh Kelsey

One woman. Her vampire lovers. A fight against ancient evil.

When Elara Wood wakes up in a house of strangers—gentle Allen, sultry Scarlett, and Finn, the once-fae protector—she’s forced to accept a new diet, a new set of instincts, and a new life. Vampires are real, and after a violent attack, Elara has been turned.

As she recovers with the help and touch of her new friends, a long-dead house of vampires is reviving, and they have wicked plans for her. When an ancient fae god, an elite of vampire hunters, and a shadowy Mistress all set Elara in their sights, can her new lovers protect her?

A full-length 150,000 word novel. This is the complete Vampire Game reverse harem paranormal romance series. This book collects Vampire Game, Vampire Touch, Vampire Legacy – and an exclusive 75-page story not found anywhere else! Expect sexy scenes, supernatural dangers, and tender romance. Welcome to the Blood Bay.



Her Harem

by Savannah Skye

Her Demon Harem: Reverse Harem Duology 1 (The Succubus Chronicles)

Her Demon Harem Book Two: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Succubus Chronicles 2)

A Witch’s Harem: Reverse Harem Fantasy

Kidnapped by the Dragon Harem

Her Vampire Harem

Her Howling Harem 1: A reverse harem fantasy

Her Howling Harem Book 2

Her Immortal Harem Book One

Her Immortal Harem Book Two

Her Warrior Harem

Her Selkie Harem

Her Deadly Harem

Her Werewolf Harem

Her Mercenary Harem

Her Forbidden Harem

Her Shadow Harem

Her Guardian Hare



💎 Order of the Akasha 💎

by L.M. Moore

The search for their fifth will bring them more than they bargained for.

A part of the ancient magical Order of the Akasha, four male witches await their last remaining piece… only to be stunned when a badass descendant of a voodoo priestess shows up. All five-foot-feisty of her turns their world on edge, making them rethink everything they thought they knew about enforcing the one rule in their magical world–harm none.

Despite the supernatural forces binding them together, there’s one slight problem–there’s never been a female Enforcer before. Sexy or not, the guys have sworn their allegiance to a tradition that calls her very presence unnatural. Their pull, though, doesn’t care about ‘never-beens’ or ‘what-ifs’.

The deeper their connection, the more their magic morphs and changes, leaving them desperate for answers and teetering into the very world of evil they promised to protect others from. Before it’s too late, they must uncover the secrets of their past before the magic that brought them together destroys them all.

WARNING: Summoned By Magic is one sexy, magical ride! Read at your own risk!

🐉 Upon An Alpha Moon 🐉

by Savannah Skye

Bailey is the youngest daughter of werewolf pack leader Hokkai ‘One Eyed’ Jack, and lately she’s been causing trouble…

Apparently, enough to trouble that someone wants her dead.

But when three Wolf Takers are hired to protect her, Bailey is forced to take matters into her own hands. She doesn’t like the idea of being babysat by anyone, let alone three human males, and she’ll do whatever it takes to escape their clutches. Too bad these males are far more than mere mortals, and will stop at nothing to continue their watch over her…even if it means pinning her under them.

Action-packed suspense with lots of romance and a compelling mystery!

👑 Her Royal Harem 👑

by Catherine Banks

Gamer Jolie Bernardo hadn’t planned on ending a war when she moved to Jinla, but fate stepped in and thrust her into the path of four sexy princes.

When the Four Princes of Jinla inadvertently forge a bond with her, it draws and binds them to one another. Unfortunately for them, it now means abandoning their chances of pursuing females to focus on keeping her alive.

Jolie must deal with curses, kidnapping, and old friends bent on revenge, all while trying to maintain a healthy relationship with her guys. At least she has videogames to console her.

This set contains all four full-length reverse harem fantasy novels of the Her Royal Harem Series (Royally Entangled, Royally Exposed, Royally Elected, & Royally Enraged).

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