Graphic Designer Nichole Witholder #interview

Please give a warm welcome to artist Nichole Witholder



Have you always wanted to become a designer/artist?

I’ve been making art since I could hold a pencil. I’ve taken lessons in drawing and painting. My father was strongly against my becoming an artist since he saw family members with similar talent struggle so much.

I also happened to be immediately in love with computers. At 5yrs old in 1986, this wasn’t as common as it is now lol. I quickly realized that making art on a computer didn’t require me to ask my father for art supplies.

I never planned to make money from my art. I was worried about adding the stress of money to something that’s so important to me. But I happen to be an avid reader. When the indie author world blew up and I had access to more and more awesome books I noticed that the talent for writing wasn’t always well represented by the cover art. I thought to myself, “Maybe I could help out there.” May 10 marks my one-year anniversary.



Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I people watch. I’ve studied artists techniques in every piece of art I look at. I pay attention to how light interacts with everything. I’m constantly listening to music, constantly reading, and keeping a close eye on pop culture. I think a lot of my inspiration comes from there.



What are you working on now?

Several covers, a logo, and researching new techniques I can use in my artwork. It’s important that I’m discreet with my client’s info so I can’t say more than that lol.



Do you have any quirks while working?

I can’t handle unsolicited advice or critique lol. Like someone leaning over my shoulder saying, “hey you should do this”. And this may be part ego. Though I think that mostly, it’s my needing to focus. I have plans upon plans in my head when I finally get out of my mind and start to do actual work. When someone tries to edit while I’m in the middle of that, I tend to lose my temper. This is good and bad. I should definitely be more open to listening to other ideas, however, my ego insists that I’m the artist and I’m the one who knows what I’m doing. It’s a struggle lol



Do you have any advice for new artists about the publishing world?

Become involved in the community.

Read the books you’re trying to design for.

Interact with author groups.

Join the design marketplaces and research pricing.

If you design a flop that no one wants, keep making new art. Art is a constant process of growing and learning. You can’t expect everything to be a masterpiece.

Study marketing techniques used by new businesses to gain a customer base.

Work with integrity and good morals. Karma exists.



What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to expand on my techniques and skills to include more, always. I’m no good at staying still and I want to grow until I drop lol. Rainy Day may possibly be branching out even more toward promotion in the next year or so.



Do you have anything to say to your fans?

After being told for so long (by my father) that my art would never amount to anything. That I could never make a living. Every single time one of you supports me, comments on my artwork, buys a piece, I am so incredibly shocked and grateful. Slowly you are all healing that scar on my heart. Thank you ♡





Rainy Day Artwork

3 comments on “Graphic Designer Nichole Witholder #interview

  1. I love Nichole and all her work. She is an inspiration for us all and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for her as I stalk… I mean watch her progress.

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