Author Madeline Fay #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Madeline Fay

A little bit about myself

I love long walks on the beach, bubble baths and of course sushi… Wait! My bad! Wrong interview. Ha ha all very true though.

Oh man. How does one describe themselves? Well, I help plan weddings as my day job and at night in the shadows I like to pretend I’m batman. I have an obsession with batman and cheese. I’m just a regular odd ball. I practically live in a zoo with my two dogs, three cats, four chickens, two ducks, and my husband who I love dearly. I try to find humor in everything. I like to think I’m a hippy at heart since I love everything seventies related, velvet and colors. Right on!



Did I always want to become an author?

Yes, in high school I wrote a lot of short stories. I didn’t dream that big when it came to my writing career. I put it all on the back burner because to be honest I didn’t think I was good enough to become an author. I switched through careers, trying to find that one thing that makes me happy. Bringing my characters to life brought me so much joy to have others step into the worlds I create. Best feeling ever.




I have always had a thing for the paranormal. If I could, I would start a paranormal investigation team and go ghost hunting. Reading other authors romance books, it clicked one day that I need to write something along the lines of dark yet still love-y dove-y. In came Eve, one of the main characters, she is strong and powerful. She can overcome any obstacle in her way, but still needs that one guy who will challenge and provide strength for her. Actually, the character John Wick was a lot of inspiration for Killian, another main character. Silent, moody, strong, and a bit on the dark side.



Working on right now

Currently working on book two of the Hell’s Apocalypse series, hopefully coming summer 2019. I have another side project of a college romance. Not revealing too much right now. Trying to write both books at the same time is a challenge but so rewarding. Also a RH Fairytale romance is in the works, it’s going to be amazing!



Quirks for writing

I have to have music playing when writing. Doesn’t matter what songs, from heavy metal to rap. All depends on the scene. Charlie Puth is a big involvement when writing, he sings through most of my chapters. I also need to have a relaxing environment, from my coffee shop in town to my home office with my sage and crystals. I’m all about the positive energy.


Future plans

Don’t plan but fly off the seat of my pants. One step at a time, but I hope to continue to write all different kinds of genre books.



To new authors

To all new authors out there… Keep writing. Never give up, never surrender. Write your freaking heart out even when you feel hopeless and doubt yourself. Your book will make a difference in someone’s life.


To my readers

To my wonderful readers: Without you, none of this would have happened. You bring me great joy when I read your reviews. You might be a fan but I’m a fan of yours too. Thank you so much!!

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Blog post updated November 4th ~ 2019

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