Strings by Bea Paige #newrelease

With Ivan I found acceptance. With Anton, home in the dark. With Erik I fear my undoing…

Erik Hadley is a gifted violinist with a dark past and an even more troubled soul. His only place of safety, a glass room built to protect others from his violent outbursts. But it’s nothing more than a prison, and I have every intention of setting him free.
It won’t be easy. There are those who want to keep him imprisoned, who want to keep him from me and a life beyond those walls.
I can’t let that stand, I won’t.

Will I be able to sever the strings that hold his mind hostage? Am I strong enough to cast that first stone? The trouble is, this stone I hold might shatter more than just his prison, but what’s left of my heart as well.

Join Rose and the men of Browlace Manor in the third book of the Finding Their Muse series and sink further into this dark gothic tale of guilt, desire, despair, and redemption.

This is a reverse harem romance for 18+ readers.

***Warning: This is a dark story that deals with mental health issues, PTSD and other topics that may be upsetting. Read at your own discretion***



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Bea Paige

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