Author Tyranni Thomas #interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Tyranni Thomas



A little about me…

I’m terrible at talking about myself. I’m Tyranni Thomas in the literary world. I started out writing Historical Fiction and now I write High Fantasy Historical RH. I was a history major once upon a time and I’m still kind of obsessed. Vikings and Game of Thrones are my tv fandoms. Their Vampire Queen and Four Psychos are my current RH addictions. I may or may not refer to myself as the Mother of Heathens and Pitbulls. I’m a single mother of three boys and a cancer survivor.



Have I always wanted to be an author…

I loved to read and write. I wrote short stories as far back as grade school and I wanted to take the creative writing class so bad in high school my mother petitioned for me to take it a year early. (She got me in too!) I was published in a local drug and alcohol program for some poetry I did in that class, but I never thought it possible as a career, back then the indie author world wasn’t as large and accessible as it is today, so I spent a decade or so as a nurse before I took up the pen again.



My current series is The Crossroads Priestess.

The inspiration for it came from a couple places. My own life seasons the FMC. She has three kids and is stressed to the max with cancer. I’d been there, but in Tara’s case her cancer proves terminal and I wanted a fuck cancer story. So, I took that and mixed in some of the bump in the night type stuff I’d heard over the last decade of working night shift in nursing homes and let my pen do the rest.



Now that The Crossroads Priestess is out to the ARC team, I’ve been working on Taking the Night, book II of The Krypt Series.



No one can read my work until it’s done. I can give snippets, but that’s it. No shoulder surfing at my house!


Hopes for the Future:

I’m hoping I can make it to Penned Con in St Louis this year and fit in a Florida trip.


Advice for those that are new…

Join lots of Indie groups and don’t be afraid to make friends and ask questions!



Anything to say to my readers…

I’d like to thank the readers for their awesome support and feedback! The Reverse Harem readers and authors are so supportive. I love the interaction and sense of community that has developed on Facebook.


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