Reviews… Part 2 #reviews

Please give a warm welcome to author Ann Swan.

Why review are important to an author.



Something that authors think about ALL the time and readers sometimes don’t think about at all.

Personally, I don’t mind any review that is based on the plot because I grow from those and your opinion is sacred. It’s yours!
Reviews that give you one star because the whole story wasn’t wrapped up with a bow in book 1 of a series, or because they didn’t like sexual tension between two men in the harem, or they only like striped shifter romances and yours was a contemporary college athlete story…. the kind of reviews that are more about the reader picking up a book they either KNEW was not really their thing and then telling the world they hated it… or the kind of reviews that would make the story 90% worse for everyone else that read it…. those are the ones I hate.

Most readers don’t realize that the more reviews a book gets, the better the placement that book receives in Amazon’s algorithm. It gets put in front of more eyes that might read it, it gets seen in more emails going out… all things that garner more sales for the author (which means we get to write more books for you instead of going to live in a van down by the river)!

So give your honest opinion, tell us what worked and didn’t work! Don’t write spoilers and try to think like the writer if there is something you viscerally hated. Maybe that thing that bugged you is setting the series up for some AMAZING twist!

To wrap this up, here is a link (with permission) from one of my favorite bloggers and a compilation she made of how some RH authors deal with reviews.



Author Link

Ann Swan


Ann Swan’s Birds & B’s

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