Authors Jade Oliver #interview

Please give a warm welcome to authors Jade Oliver

Tell us a bit about yourself

Kendall Oliver is the Oliver of Jade Oliver. She is a southern transplant from a young age and refuses to live where it gets too cold. She’s married to her “it’s never too late for a happily ever after” husband. They have a preteen and little that are affectionately called her little monsters, though usually, it’s just in her head.

Jade Ryan is the Jade of Jade Oliver. She is southern born and currently missing her roots while living where it stays too cold. She has a loving husband of many years and two teenagers that test Momma’s patience but can do no wrong. An avid reader and supporter of all things books.

Have you always wanted to become authors?

Kendall: I have, though I never imagined it would actually happen. Publishing a book has been on my bucket list since I made my first construction paper covered book in kindergarten. My life has always been a world filled with words and I would not be me without all the worlds I’ve journeyed to through books. And now, I’m immeasurably grateful I am able, with Jade, to create worlds for others to find their own journey through.

Jade: Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, which I am. I used to make up stories, even entered some contests as an elementary student, but the writing was always second to playing teacher with my younger brother. However, when I started writing academic papers for my BA and MA degrees, I loved it. I loved the development of the paper, the research, the creation process, even the editing (to a certain degree! LOL). I’m really glad I found Kendall because it allows me to do both!

What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

Our first series, The Heart of Andros, was born of us sitting around bouncing ideas one day while we were deciding if we were actually going to write. We wanted to try new things and push preconceived ideas of a reverse harem. We knew that no matter what, we both wanted a female with an intellectual but nontraditional job. We knew we wanted something research-based and we went from marine biology to cultural anthropology after researching the rich cultural heritage on Andros that we could pull from. We super spiraled from there into a super complex and twisty plot outline. You’ll see more of the heavy action-based and more traditional storyline in the next book but we wanted the first book to be a love story. The first book is how they fell in love and how their story started. We attempted to blend genres in a way that allowed for a more traditional love story in a reverse harem w/other sub-genre elements too.

Our current project was inspired by a cover made by Nichole Withholder of Rainy Day Artwork!

What are you working on now?

We were hard at work on the second book with Adair and her haram in Andros. But it was coming together a bit slower than we anticipated due to some unfortunate life events. Although we managed to complete book one under some tough circumstances too this one has been a challenge and it’s not coming organically. Since we want to make it the best it can be and do the story justice we are taking a break for now.

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We did take some time out to do a short story for the My Bloodiest Valentine anthology. The title of it is The Heart of an Assassin, which is also set in Andros, but you meet new characters that you’ll definitely see again.

We also wrote a short for Luck Between the Sheets Lucky Shot. These are all new characters and it’s a super spicy shot of yum and fun. Light-hearted and also characters we hope to bring back in the future.

Our current project is a secret. We will make an announcement in our group soon.

Do you have any quirks while writing?

So Kendall has to have a clear picture in her head while Jade can just sit down and let it flow. We’ve always talked before we start so that helps. Kendall listens to music and writes better late at night or at really random times. Jade generally just writes. Where and whenever. LOL.

What are your hopes for the future?

We hope we improve as writers and that we are able to continue to bring everyone the stories of our hearts. We love that people read and get what we’re saying. It’s a feeling that can’t be described when someone says something about a character or that characters anything and you know they understood your words. Even if it’s only one person, it makes it all worth it.

Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Go for it! Even if your first attempt isn’t popular or you see after where you made mistakes, still do it! You never know what may happen.

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt, Looking Forward

Do you have anything to say to your readers?

Thanks to everyone that has always supported us – publicly and privately. It means so much to know who the truly good ones are and we love you! Thanks for all our readers that have been patient the last few months as life kicked our ass.

Book links

The Heart of Andros (Andros Island Book 1)

Lucky Between the Sheets: Lucky Shot

“My Bloodiest Valentine” featuring the short story “The Heart of An Assassin”

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Jade Oliver’s Kindred Spirits

Links to the books:

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