March Book Releases on my TBR

March book releases.

The Naughty Book Box

Book releases for March! New book releases are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because MORE books. A curse because MORE books. Haha. If your TBR list looks anything like mine. Well, then it takes up the entire first subject in a 5 subject college rule lined notebook. Yeah, it’s that big. That’s what she said. This only means I need to keep reading. And to keep track of all the numerous different book series i’m waiting on for sequels to release, books for new authors I want to read, and whatever ARC reads I have going on. Without further adieu, books! Note: ALL BOOKS WILL SHOW UP AS PRE-ORDER UNTIL THE RELEASE DATE.

Rock Star Harem Series. BadGirlsbook1.Release date MARCH1st.

Infernal Descent Book 3 – Hell’s Burning. Releases MARCH 1st.

Destiny Jinn Series Book 3. Wish For me 3

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