Author Rowan Thalia #Interview

Please give a warm welcome to author Rowan ThaliaTell us a bit about yourselfFirst,I am a newbie author of RH Paranormal and soon to be Post Apocalyptic books. I have two series rapid releasing back to back starting on Valentine’s day!I am also a mom of two small humans, a wife and a teacher of fourth and fifth grade. I spend lots of time with kiddos, so my writing is my outlet and portal to the adult world. Basically, my writing keeps me sane and keeps “bad mommy” at bay.When I am not wearing one of those hats, I love to read and camp. Reading while camping, even better (just add wine)! I am addicted to bad jokes and coffee with lots of creamer. My roots are in New Orleans, southern grown to the core, but I now reside in Washington state with my family.Have you always wanted to become an author?I have always been a voracious reader, I never felt like there were enough books in my life. The library was my favorite place to be as a kid, I don’t think I really understood that I could be a writer until I was a teen, and at that point I wanted to be one with everything that I was. I started with poetry and short stories when I was fifteen. In college, I continued writing poetry and published a few in the school newspaper as well as some small anthologies from My first attempt at a novel started in my thirties, I actually cannibalized the ghost stories and setting from that first manuscript to write my debut novel, Binding Rayne.What was your inspiration for your current book/series?I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. Ghost stories around a candle at night, scary movies, and of course books on the supernatural. When I sat down to write my first series, I combined my love for all things spooky with my newfound obsession with the RH movement to bring what I hope is something unique to the genre, some good old fashion spook! My second series, is a combination of my fixation with vampires and doomsday prophesies. I love combining things in a new way to create interesting stories.What are you working on now?I just wrapped up and submitted the third book for my first series, The Keepers of the Talisman. The series is three books in length, for now, and will be releasing from Feb-Apr of 2019! I am also in the middle of two other books. One, Renegades at war, is the second book of my Soldiers of Blood and Ruin series. Book one has already been submitted for editing. This series follows a former soldier in the new colony war as she navigates life after the BioWar. She is inundated with conspiracies, chemical warfare, fighting zombies and learning to find her new place among the new race of vampires. The second project is a co-write with one of my best author buddies, Jarica James. This one is going to be epic! It is titled In the Shadows, and it features a gothy college photography major and her friends/love interests who encounter something dark in an old abandoned part of their dorm. Both projects are action packed and super steamy RH books. I am so excited to get them all out in the big world!Do you have any quirks while writing?Interesting question, my immediate response is no, I just write. But then upon reflection, I do keep a google spreadsheet of every trait for my characters now, I learned that I need to document everything the hard way. I also have a journal that I scribble in, I showed it to my husband and he said it looks like something someone wrote while possessed.. So there’s that.What are your hopes for the future?My hopes are to break out as an author and be able to teach part time, while writing. I would also love to cross genres and write a full on horror book, but I don’t know if I am ready to leave romance to the side just yet. Watch out people, I am shooting for the stars!Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?Join author groups. Read all of the things that you can get your hands on on the topic of writing and using great descriptions. Find two to four betas that you love and keep them! When you feel like you can’t write, read!Do you have anything to say to your fans?My fans? My book isn’t published yet, but I know my beta and a few ARC readers might see this so… I love you! There is nothing better in the world than having someone dive into the world you created and come out stunned. Positive feedback is so rewarding. But you know, constructive criticism is important too – I want all of it. My goal is to grow as a write every day, help me! I can’t wait for you all to meet Rayne, Rox, and Jun. My first three main characters all hold small traits of my own and they feel like a part of me. Follow me, I want to hear all of your responses! I will try my very best to respond! Most of all, thank you for giving me the chance to entertain you by reading my books!Buy linksAmazonAuthor linksTwitterPinterestBookBubFacebookFacebookGoodreadsRowan’s Riders

Blog post changed April 3rd – 2020


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