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Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve always been quite partial to the way Georges Guétary, in the film An American in Paris, describes Leslie Caron’s character as a wonderfully multi-faceted woman: enchanting, beautiful, spiritual, exciting, lusty, sweet, shy, old-fashioned, vivacious and modern, yacky, incessant, wild, fun, moody, and happy — I too am multi-faceted; I’m a little bit of everything rolled into one! Same goes for my lifestyle, hobbies, and talents: In addition to being a writer, I am also a professional photographer, graphic designer, and homeschooling mother of three boys.

That’s Adell in a nutshell. However, Adell Ryan is a hubby/wife pseudonym. I am Adell, and he is Ryan. Ryan acts as a sounding board, beta reader, and schedule manager among other imperative things. He also plays a vital role in making sure my male characters act manly enough 😉



Have you always wanted to become an author?

I have written creatively for as long as I can remember. When I was in first grade I won an award for a special character’s story I had shared. This character went on quite the adventure; he dragged himself through a desert, bounced through a giant forest, and rolled around in a plush field of grass. At the end, he found himself quite stuck at the bottom of a lake. Why? Well because he was a golfball, of course.

I continued to write on-and-off throughout my life but never took it seriously. Then, when I gave birth to my first son, I would write him little poems… I even wrote him a song. The song thing became a tradition, and my next two boys earned their very own as well. These personal songs taught them how to spell their names and always reminded them how much they are loved. I also wrote a short children’s story at one point, but never thought I was much good at it, so it got set aside.



What was your inspiration for your current book/series?

When it came down to writing for real, rather than me seeking out the writing life, the writing life found me. In August of 2017, I was very sick and bedridden for quite some time. Books became my escape and I had a budding love for Paranormal Romance. One of my many book searches during that timeframe led me to Trickery, the first book in the Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. I read that book and just completely and utterly swooned over the guy characters, then was like “What is this sorcery, and WHERE DO I FIND MORE?!” I got all grabby handy and desperate. Gimmie, gimme, gimme. Soon, I found myself in a Facebook group called Reverse Harem Readers with thousands of other women (and men) who were also obsessed with the genre. A story idea I had thought about in brief six years prior flourished in my mind yet again… this time with a Reverse Harem twist. From there, the story and the characters practically wrote itself. As far as the specific topic inspiration, after I got married and started growing my family, the naive little bubble I seemed to have grown up in, burst, and I quickly learned just how much it seems authority figures like to misuse their positions of seniority. While I like to live a very positive lifestyle, I also easily worry about the degradation of society as a whole on account of the many liberties these sort of people like to take. With that mindset and concern, it wasn’t at all difficult for me to weave a story in my mind about the government going as far as using our blood — the very blueprint of who we are — and capitalizing on that as well.


What are you working on now?

Seems I’ve finally “leveled up” in the trade and I now have the ability and drive to work on more than one idea at a time! It’s so much fun and really keeps the creative juices flowing, which, in turn, makes the stories I write that much better. Right now I am most deeply involved in Her Reverse Genus Book Three, but during the down times (when Ryan has the manuscript and is going through certain scenes and I am awaiting feedback, for example) I’ve been hopping between a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance, a Slow Burn Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance, and… shhh… a possible Reverse Harem Science Fiction Fantasy co-write.



Do you have any quirks while writing?

Hmmm, writing quirks. No, I don’t think so? I do enjoying listening to music and playing 4thewords though! Those things get the job done best 😀


What are your hopes for the future?

In addition to leveling up in the trade like I’d mentioned above, our goals have also changed drastically. We were unfortunate victims of Hurricane Michael. Now somewhat displaced, we are sleeping in an RV with no near vision of a real house being available for quite some time. As a result, we’ve realized we can greatly benefit by turning my writing hobby into an occupation — and the hopeful income from doing so. Our new goals for the imminent future are to increase my working hours and work toward publishing more books while also learning the ins and out of marketing and advertising so we can increase my campaigning efforts. As far as the living situation goes, we’re still looking for the silver lining. In fact, how cool would it be to become a traveling homeschooling family and a traveling writer! The thought has definitely crossed our mind lately!


Do you have any advice for new authors about the publishing world?

Go for it! But always try to embrace the hard stuff too; the challenges you’ll face — because you will face them. Find the lesson in every step along the way, and always try to “level up” even if you might think you don’t need to.



Do you have anything to say to your fans?

I was recently asked a question for a podcast interview that really brought things to light for me. The question was simple: How do you stay motivated? The answers go hand-in-hand. In the beginning, the words and the rush you get when those creative juices are flowing is what got me through. But as time passed, the dynamic changed and my ultimate motivator became the people around me who love, support, and appreciate what I do. My husband, my children, my family, my writer friends… and, since it all revolves around books, most importantly, my readers. I can write all day long and feel only somewhat satisfied… but touching the world with my words and impacting people’s lives enriches and empowers me. My readers are my rock and my muse rolled into one. So… thank you for taking this adventure with me… and pack extra supplies because we’re in for a long-term wild ride together.

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Updated March 24th – 2020


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