Guilty Pleasures by Justus Roux #GuiltyTour @justus_roux

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Title: Guilty Pleasure
Author: Justus Roux
Publication Date: May 10, 2015
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Nicole frees herself of an abusive relationship and makes a fresh start in Chicago. Her new roommate Monica makes her feel at home right away, and Nicole is excited about starting her career as a paralegal. She meets the handsome defense lawyer Michael Lyons, whom she will be working with. Their attraction is immediate and intense, and she finds herself falling in love with her new boss.Just as it seems Nicole’s life is finally going right, a series of brutal murders plague the Chicago area. As the number of these murders escalates all the evidence begins to point to Nicole’s new friend Adam Matthews or her lover Michael Lyons. She refuses to believe that either could possibly be capable of committing these brutal murders. Yet, by closing her eyes to this possibility, Nicole could be making a deadly mistake.
Creating My First Serial Killer

This is my first book where I had to get into the mind of a serial killer.  I did my research trying to create a perfect killer. The killer’s thought process, the overwhelming need to do these awful acts, the pleasure the killer gets from the act and countless other things that went into creating this character.  I don’t know how many hours I spent reading research material, but it was all worth it.

To me, the most frightening killer is the one who doesn’t look like or act like what you think a killer would. I didn’t want to make my character over the top crazy. I wanted the readers as they read this book to forget what a monster this character is then be jolted back when the character committed a heinous act. In other words, to humanize the killer. I found myself getting exhausted after a writing session trying to stay in the head of my killer and try to make all the pieces of the story fall into place.  This was by far the hardest book for me to write. It really stretched my writing muscles. Yet, I’m glad I took this challenge on. I think my readers will enjoy this story, and be completely freaked out by this killer I have created. When a suspense story has a really good bad guy that is what makes it a good read. I really hope I have accomplished this with my story.

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Author Bio 

Justus Roux’s long running “Master Series”, which she affectionately calls her BDSM drama, has won the hearts of many readers.  She just released the 30th book in the series and plans to write several more books for the series. Her “Dom/sub trilogy”, and “Master of My Heart Series”, plus several single titled books have earned her several outstanding reviews. She has dabbled in the paranormal and fantasy realm with her “Barbarians of Malka series”, “Demon hunter Series”, as well as several single titled novels. Justus’ loves to explore new things, adores music and art, and loves to play the occasional video game and enjoys a good poker game as well.
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