Triptychs: The third book in the Mind’s Eye series.


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In this, the third book in the Mind’s Eye series, we see a slight change of format. This time, instead of two writers responding to a previously unseen photograph, three authors are involved each time. This makes Triptychs an ideal opportunity to become familiar with the work of different, but equally talented authors.

As before, the photographs were provided by Martin David Porter and Helle Gade. The latter and Ben Ditmars contributed poetry, while short stories were written by Jason McIntyre, J.Michael Radcliffe, Maria Savva, Darcia Helle, Jay Finn, Eden Baylee, Lisette Brody, Marc Nash, Julie Elizabeth Powell and Geoffrey David West.

A variety of genres are represented in this excellent book. There is fantasy, horror, contemporary fiction, as well as poetry.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful variety of short works and it has certainly whetted my appetite to read more by these writers. I’m looking forward to buying…

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