Bill Cosby and Rape Culture

Wise words.

The Midnight Writer

I mostly post poetry and the occasional gnome on The Midnight Writer. However, I feel some things cannot be adequately expressed in verse. If you do not wish continue reading social commentary or opinion, I will be back shortly with creative writing.


There is a long list of people who inspire me and a growing list of people who inspired me. As much as I would like to deny it, I looked up to people like Woody Allen and Bill Cosby. They were creative geniuses to me, and I thought I wanted to be like them. The Cosby Show and films like Manhattan resonated: I felt like there was progress toward something, an underlying sense of beauty and direction in dark places. I never imagined either man responsible for creating such enigmatic and strong women like Annie Hall or Clair Huxtable would be responsible for abusing them. But they are. Perhaps I…

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