Warm Memories – A new #poem

A Life Among The Pages

Today’s post is a new poem I wrote about two weeks ago while out on a walk in the woods. Fall comes early where I live. The leaves have been starting to change for over a month now. Aside from winter, fall is one of my favorite seasons.

You may recall an announcement from last year in which I mentioned that I was working on a new collection of poetry. As you probably were able to tell…nothing came out of it. Well, I haven’t forgotten about it. That collection has some work to throw into it, and this poem will probably be in there too (if no one thinks it’s the worst thing I’ve written). It’s just that I haven’t been able to write much in the last year or more. I’m hoping that more of these random bouts of inspiration hit me so I can work on this collection…

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Cover Reveal: REFLECTIONS ~

Today is the day we reveal the cover for the second book in The Mind’s Eye series.

Reflections is a collaboration between authors, photographers and poets.

18 stories and poems inspired by 18 pictures.


Mart’s Arts Photography

and Me


Maria Savva

Darcia Helle

 Michael Radcliffe

 Jason McIntyre

 Mart’s Arts Photography


Ben Ditmars

and Me

~ ~ ~

Jason McIntyre is the creator of the awesome cover.


You can follow the progress and release date on

The Mind’s Eye Series Facebook Page

There you can also find information on the first book in the series