New #Poem – Words

A Life Among The Pages

Here’s a little treat for everyone’s Sunday. I haven’t given a taste of my work in progress, A Sense of Fall. I haven’t really gotten much work done on the collection, but it’s still in the works at some point. Here’s a poem I wrote recently, with the working title Words.

fancy line

Words Cover

fancy line


Can words do justice
to a snowy field bathed
in moonlight?

Can the starlight
of each flake
be conveyed with

What are words
when representing beauty?
Is there an image rebuilt
from a poem’s lines?

I cannot paint you
a picture.
I cannot hand you
last winter’s snow.
But I’ll show you
what I know,
through my words.

In your eyes
I see that field:
snowy, glowing
with silver light;
diamonds shimmering,
snowflakes fluttering down.

It’s the beauty that I see,

fancy line

And now you can find this poem on my Wattpad account

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