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Here’s a little treat for everyone’s Sunday. I haven’t given a taste of my work in progress, A Sense of Fall. I haven’t really gotten much work done on the collection, but it’s still in the works at some point. Here’s a poem I wrote recently, with the working title Words.

fancy line

Words Cover

fancy line


Can words do justice
to a snowy field bathed
in moonlight?

Can the starlight
of each flake
be conveyed with

What are words
when representing beauty?
Is there an image rebuilt
from a poem’s lines?

I cannot paint you
a picture.
I cannot hand you
last winter’s snow.
But I’ll show you
what I know,
through my words.

In your eyes
I see that field:
snowy, glowing
with silver light;
diamonds shimmering,
snowflakes fluttering down.

It’s the beauty that I see,

fancy line

And now you can find this poem on my Wattpad account

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“Chained by Desire” release tour.



Not good enough for heaven but not bad enough to burn, Kylie has a slight problem. She’s dead and trapped between the realms.

Left with no options, she follows Detective Liam Stone on the hunt for her killer. Death has left Kylie invisible but does nothing to dampen her desire for the sexy detective. Instead, it  gives her the freedom to do as she pleases with his body, and what a delicious body it is.

Liam’s determined to solve Kylie’s case but as the clues uncover an underground world of demonic torture and pacts, Liam must face his own secrets or the flames of passion won’t be the only ones the couple will have to face.

Inside Scoop: Parts of this tale are graphically violent, but other parts might leave you drooling for a ghost or a demon of your own. Look out for the brief but hot F/F scenes in the bedroom and the shower.

A Romantica® horror erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



She died on this corner. It seemed strange it would be right here where she caught the bus each morning and evening. She couldn’t recall why she had been there at that exact time but it didn’t change the outcome. She was dead.

She had been brought up to believe things would be different when this day came. There would be light, trumpets…peace. Kylie had none of those things. Instead, she stood looking down at her lifeless body in shock. Maybe this is what happens when you’re murdered. That thought lingered on the outer rim of her disbelief.

“At least my nails still look good,” she said tilting her head to get a better look at the rounded pink tips she’d gotten done the day before. At her statement, the man hovering over her empty shell lifted her hand from the ground and inspected her nails.

“It doesn’t look as if she tried to defend herself.”

No shit Sherlock, she thought with a roll of her eyes. She craned her neck attempting to get a better look at the man’s face. He was big and rugged looking, as if he hadn’t shaved in at least a week. The beginnings of a dark beard covered his chin but in a harsh contrast to his dark hair, his eyes were a light blue almost exactly the same shade as the sky. He was a sexy one she realized with a pang of regret for the life she had lost.

“Thank God I wore my good panties.”

He lifted her skirt. “Underwear’s still in place. She doesn’t appear to have been raped.”

“Put that down you dirty little bastard. Sheesh! Who is this guy?” He dropped the material and smoothed it down over her knees. It was a sad day when a girl ended up murdered on a street corner and couldn’t even hold onto her modesty afterward. Damn, why hadn’t someone as sexy as him wanted to check out her girly bits while she’d still been able to enjoy it? Typical.


Author bios:

Image Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Midnight Books, and Punk & Sissy Publications. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters.

*2013 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner
*2013 Reviewers’ Choice Award Winner
*ARRA Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance
*Five-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath
*Named one of the top 10 best books by an Indie author in 2011- Paranormal Reads Reviews
*Best Paranormal Romance of 2012- Paranormal Reads Reviews
Connect with her online:



Regina Puckett is an award nominated author for her short story, Balloon Wishes.

Borrowed Wings, has received the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

Memories won first place in the 1st WSBR International Poetry Contest. This poem may be found in her book of poetry, Tilting at Windmills and Words.

Slowly Drowning won second place in the 3rd WSBR International Poetry Contest. This poem may be found in her poetry book, My Words into the Beyond.

Sir Galahad Comes to the Rescue won third place in the 3rd WSBR International Poetry Contest. This poem may be found in her book of poetry, Ramblings and Dreams.

Her collection of poetry, Fireflies, won 2013 Turning Pages Poetry Book of the Year.

She has been writing for over forty-five years. She lives in Tennessee with her husband of over forty years. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

She writes sweet romances, horror, inspirational, picture books and poetry. There are several projects in various stages of completion and there are always characters and stories waiting for their chance to finally get out of her head and onto paper.

Please come and visit me at



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Ellora’s Cave



“Secured Secret” Book Two: “Secured Heart” series

From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson

A quick trip to the store for some chocolate therapy, and a fateful encounter with a few gorgeous men, shakes up F.B.I. Agent Genie Cook’s once secure life.

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Author links


Twitter: @CharityParkerso


“Secured Undercover” Book 1: “Secured Heart” series

From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson:

Fashion Designer Flower Calloway’s next big show could make her famous all over the world. However, when she meets the sexy security team who’s in charge of keeping the high-dollar fashion safe, she ends up uncovering a few secrets that could break her heart.


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Twitter: @CharityParkerso


January #Poetry Sale ~ #CheapReads

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Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt #EBBB

Thanks to Helle for letting me hijack the site for a very special announcement.

Every year, thousands of people participate in NaNoWriMo, So You Think You Can Write, and other writing competitions. Why is there such an interest in these contests? Because deep down, everyone has a story to tell —a memoir, romance, science fiction tale of other worlds or alternate civilizations, or even a how-to manual—everyone has a story. I am no different except for the fact that I don’t have the time to do NaNo or SYTYCW.

What I do have time for is researching different trends and changes that affect my clients. Lots of research, lots of reading and lots of time assimilating that information into bite-size morsels for my clients and followers. Some of this information I have included in a book that I have coming out January 13, 2014.

You are probably thinking “Why would I care that you are publishing a book?” The answer is simple, maybe you won’t care, but if you are considering jumping into the indie world of publishing you should care. Now you probably are thinking “Who are you?” Me, I am just someone who grew up surrounded by those in the publishing industry, I have done work for authors and publishers directly —everything from just transcribing manuscripts to promotion to the formatting of digital e-books. I read voraciously, I review sporadically and I host two podcasts about authors, reading, writing and publishing.

Yeah, I know a little something about e-publishing in today’s world but I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I won’t try to come off as a know it all like some of those people that state their opinion as fact. In short, I am not a stuffed-shirt, puffed up with my own self-importance. BUT, chances are if you are or have ever thought about publishing something independently and read something about it, or are on Twitter you have seen some of my handy-work.

So, if you are serious about publishing your own work, or just kicking the idea around, be on the look out for my book, Navigating The World Of E-Book Publishing, available January 13, exclusively on Amazon. My contact methods are below, feel free to stalk me that way or even join my mailing list for a special announcement and sale opportunities.

Who I Am

E-BookBuilders is the online alias of Deena Rae. I was born and raised in Texas — home of bluebonnets, boots, beef and big hair — into a family that was in the printing and publishing industries. My father was a computer programmer for major newspapers when the equipment took up whole rooms and my mother has been a publisher for almost 30 years — trying, unsuccessfully, to bring me into the family business. I have been told I am a second-generation genetically perfected super-nerd.

I was happily living my life, having three third-generation genetically perfected super-nerds myself, but then through a series of events (unfortunate and fortunate), I officially joined The Book Connection — my mother’s publishing and packaging company — as the Digital Director, to create the e-publishing division in 2011. My computer skills, willingness to help authors, love of literature, no-nonsense attitude and quick wit has helped shepherd many authors through the maze of digital publishing.

Through my work with E-BookBuilders, I have been able to meet authors and writers from all over the world and in every genre imaginable. My wit, obscure sense of humor, awareness of the absurd, and a love of literature all which led to the creation of Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books, the NSFW publishing discussion podcast I produce and host with Janet Wrenn and Peter Burnett. My no-nonsense attitude makes for some hilarious discussions and plenty of “Oh my God, did she really just say that?” moments. Sometimes it is as if there is no filter between my brain and mouth. But if I like you I try to be nice — sometimes. I also have a safe-for-everyone author interview show, B3‘s Bookworm. You can find me most hours of everyday attached to my computer either researching, tweeting on the 6 accounts I maintain, posting on my different Facebook timelines and pages, coding e-books for my fabulous friends/clients or with my nose buried in my Kindle reading.

So, if you are serious about publishing your own work, or just kicking the idea around, be on the look out for my book, Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing, available January 13, exclusively on Amazon. My contact methods are below, feel free to stalk me that way or even join my mailing list for a special announcement and sale opportunites.

If you would like to add the book to your Goodread’s shelf – just click the button!

Three awesome poetry books in one!! Northern Whispers

Thank you, Kim! You are awesome! ❤

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Northern Whispers By Helle Gade

This is the fourth book this excellent poetry author has put out. The other three are all in this one awesome book of poetry. The cover invites you in and words and pictures tell u this authors story. From her Nordic believes of the gods to her Danish heritage and the pain life can bring on. The pictures tell a story of life’s journeys thru the lens of this author. She blends her poetry and photography with grace. I always look forward to this authors work, from her awesome cover to her beautiful, soulful words and her gorgeous photography. Download your copy today and you’ll see what I mean.

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Fastian: An Edgeweir Tale (The Weaver Saga) by Jay Finn


Blurb for Fastian.
The Nation: A sadistic and cruel empire that has ruled Edgeweir since time beyond memory. But under the tutelage of Alabaster Shanks, a group of disparate rebels have come together to fight back and stand up to the Nation’s rule.

Amongst them is Fastian; dark, dangerous and with an eye for vengeance; and Jacob, a boy and the newest recruit, who possesses a skill craved by the rebels.

Now they come together to undertake a mission that could be the beginning of the end for the Nation. But with Fastian’s mind ever on the past and Jacob’s eye firmly on his future, will they be capable enough to ever see it through?


Bio: Jay Finn is an Irish author who has just released his debut fantasy novel ‘Fastian.’

He has also penned two short story collections ‘Looking Back’ and ‘Beneath the Darkness.’


Purchase at Amazon here:


Twitter @Jayfinn32



Nocturnal Embers by Helle Gade…a wonderful collection of poetry to welcome 2014!

An amazing #review of Nocturnal Embers.
Thank you, Angela! xx

Fantastic Books ...and other interesting reads!


“Nocturnal Embers” is a beautiful collection of poetry and photographs by Danish writer, Helle Gade. I was very impressed by the poet’s first book, “Silent Dreams”, but I think this is even better. The poems touched me in so many ways; some made me want to weep, others made me smile. Each one touched a part of me.

“Excruciating Pain, “Release Me”, “Sadness”, “Fog” and “Fatigue” moved me almost to tears. The first of these is a heart-rending description of a person suffering with an invisible, painful illness. Knowing several people who have to live with pain constantly or who live behind a façade of normality, this poem stood out for me.

I love the poem “Child’s Soul”. It is quite beautiful, mentioning the positive attributes of love and compassion. I felt that it could be matched with “Karma”; despite the fact that, in many ways, it is…

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