Creativity among the pages! My review of “Savage Rose” by Helle Gade

Check out the first review of Savage Rose. It’s so beautiful!

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This author is rocking the poetry world with her Third work of art! Literally! The cover draws you in from the start. From her first words you can’t help but want more, I like the length of the books as it gives you just enough to keep you wanting another from this author. Every book she gives her heart and soul, always leaving everything she’s got in her. You see that in every poem, taste the words, feel the pain and the love she has for friends and family. The photography tells the same story as she painstakingly picks a picture that she herself shot to go with her beautiful words. This poet isn’t afraid of telling her story, of letting us into her world,in her realm of creativity with words and pictures she tells her story. I personally can’t get enough of her work. I totally recommend the beautiful…

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