#PoetryWeek – poet Erica M. Christensen

A Life Among The Pages


fancy line


I’ll always hear the words
you never left unsaid,
the ones where you said,
I’d be better off dead.
Then I’ll get weak and think
maybe you were right.
I’ll weep myself to sleep
and forget by morning rise.
It’s a never ending battle.
This grudge is eating me alive.

fancy line

Your Love

Saturate me with infatuation
Make me believe.
Twist your words,
Manipulate my mind.
Breathe me in,
And desecrate me.
Knock me down,
And lift me up.
Again and again,
I crave your love.

fancy line

Erica has a poem published called Always You. You may remember I reviewed it this year. Here’s a little more about that poem:

fancy line

Always You

A poem about a rough relationship that ended, but even through all of the pain that was caused, the love over powers all of the bad memories.

Contains a curse word.

You can grab the poem from

fancy line

About the…

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