#PoetryWeek – poet Ashley Shaw

A Life Among The Pages

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I do not consider myself a poet in any sense of the word. I am not like Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe, I am simple a girl, who scribbles in notebooks. I’ve never studied poetry in college, I’ve never taken a writing class, I’ve never had anything published, and I am far from a professional.

Yet I still like to write in these little notebooks.

To me these little scribblings are thoughts, feelings, rants, and fears of mine (and others). They are a mix of invented, creative sentences and what goes on inside the mind of someone whose mind is constantly buzzing. It’s creative thought, it’s experience, it’s hope for the future, it’s art. It’s what the writer wants it to be, and what the reader interprets it to be. It means something different for everyone.

So I write stuff.

I refer to it as Word Vomit; to me, it’s…

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