No emotions what-so-ever
Only an empty void
Filled with bitter darkness

Time flows as a roaring river
With me standing on the bank
Watching in silent despair

If only I could jump in the river
Following life as I ought to
As everyone streams by me

Instead, I stand silent
Unable to move
On the cursed riverbank

© Helle Gade 2013

This poem is from my new poetry collection “Savage Rose”

Creativity among the pages! My review of “Savage Rose” by Helle Gade

Check out the first review of Savage Rose. It’s so beautiful!

Purplerose123's Blog

This author is rocking the poetry world with her Third work of art! Literally! The cover draws you in from the start. From her first words you can’t help but want more, I like the length of the books as it gives you just enough to keep you wanting another from this author. Every book she gives her heart and soul, always leaving everything she’s got in her. You see that in every poem, taste the words, feel the pain and the love she has for friends and family. The photography tells the same story as she painstakingly picks a picture that she herself shot to go with her beautiful words. This poet isn’t afraid of telling her story, of letting us into her world,in her realm of creativity with words and pictures she tells her story. I personally can’t get enough of her work. I totally recommend the beautiful…

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Savage Rose is live on Amazon

Woohoo! My poetry collection Savage Rose is live on amazon.

Savage Rose_eCover Final RGB

Grief, love, pain, imagination and appreciation for the little things in life.

Those are some of the topics the author embraces in this poetry collection,

mixed with photo art to enhance the feel of the poetry.

Buy links:

#PoetryWeek – poet Helle Gade

Thank you for including me in this awesome event, Rob! I’m honored to grace your blog 🙂

A Life Among The Pages

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Devil’s Dance

I dance through a thousand deaths
Little neurons extinguished
As I play amongst the stars
To the song of the nightingales

Come dance with me
Through the devil’s footsteps
On the black shores
Below the raging storm

I’ll seduce you
With the music of my soul
And carnal pleasures
Towards the final death

I am the night
My name is whispered with fear
In the dark shadows

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Devils Dance

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About the Author:

My name is Helle. I’m a writer and hobby photographer from Denmark. I spend most of my time reading, writing and taking loads of pictures, in between I worship chocolate.

Find out more:

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#PoetryWeek – poet Ben Ditmars


A Life Among The Pages

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Why I Love Poetry

Poetry is supremely beautiful.  It’s courageous and powerful and moving, speaking a forbidden language.  The metered breath and sighs of stanzas jet across the page like brushstrokes in a painting.  The songs, the odes, the ballads, and quatrains tell stories where a sentence fails.  There’s rhythm and there’s life.  I could dive into a metaphor and drown; the smile of a simile personified in my last breath.  Poetry: the sonnets, the haiku, the villanelles, and elegies, are more than words; they are songs and heartbeats; an echo of the past and windows to forgotten corners of the present.  I must confess, I am in love with poetry.

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If you’d like to check out Ben’s work, here’s a great collection to start with called…

Haiku in the Night


Explore free-verse haiku like never before as Haiku in the Night takes you on an unforgettable emotional journey.

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#PoetryWeek – poet Ashley Shaw

A Life Among The Pages

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I do not consider myself a poet in any sense of the word. I am not like Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe, I am simple a girl, who scribbles in notebooks. I’ve never studied poetry in college, I’ve never taken a writing class, I’ve never had anything published, and I am far from a professional.

Yet I still like to write in these little notebooks.

To me these little scribblings are thoughts, feelings, rants, and fears of mine (and others). They are a mix of invented, creative sentences and what goes on inside the mind of someone whose mind is constantly buzzing. It’s creative thought, it’s experience, it’s hope for the future, it’s art. It’s what the writer wants it to be, and what the reader interprets it to be. It means something different for everyone.

So I write stuff.

I refer to it as Word Vomit; to me, it’s…

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#PoetryWeek – poet Livia Ellis

A Life Among The Pages


Even if she’s not a “poet,” I consider her one. Anyone who appreciates poetry like her is definitely a poet. Here’s a post from Livia Ellis, author of the Memoirs of a Gigolo series.fancy line

I’m not a poet. But I do love poetry. It calms me down when I’m at my most distressed. There’s also something comforting about going back to familiar poems. They are guaranteed to be just as good if not better the more they’re read.

Here are some of my favorites.

fancy line

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

We were very tired, we were very merry—
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry.
It was bare and bright, and smelled like a stable—
But we looked into a fire, we leaned across a table,
We lay on a hill-top underneath the moon;
And the whistles kept blowing, and the dawn came soon.

We were very…

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#PoetryWeek – poet Erica M. Christensen

A Life Among The Pages


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I’ll always hear the words
you never left unsaid,
the ones where you said,
I’d be better off dead.
Then I’ll get weak and think
maybe you were right.
I’ll weep myself to sleep
and forget by morning rise.
It’s a never ending battle.
This grudge is eating me alive.

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Your Love

Saturate me with infatuation
Make me believe.
Twist your words,
Manipulate my mind.
Breathe me in,
And desecrate me.
Knock me down,
And lift me up.
Again and again,
I crave your love.

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Erica has a poem published called Always You. You may remember I reviewed it this year. Here’s a little more about that poem:

fancy line

Always You

A poem about a rough relationship that ended, but even through all of the pain that was caused, the love over powers all of the bad memories.

Contains a curse word.

You can grab the poem from

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About the…

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#PoetryWeek – poet Melissa Darby

A Life Among The Pages

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I do this every time
I never learn
It’s the attention that I yearn
I need
I can’t help it
I want to be wanted
anything else..
Is short of nothing
I become their tease
They walk through me with such ease
But I lay there
Bare more then I was before
I may be worth more..
But this is all I have

All their words
You’re so gorgeous
It will be our secret
She doesn’t need to know
You’re fun
I feel as though I should run
Always the one they want
But never seem to keep
They touch me
Without a conscious
My eyes see everything
But my heart does nothing
I lower myself even more
I’ll be the one alone

I do this every time
I know its wrong
But I don’t know where to go
Being alone
I silently scream
This attention, all they want…

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#PoetryWeek – poet Heather Grace Stewart

A Life Among The Pages


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My Path to Print On Demand Poetry

By Heather Grace Stewart

I’m a poet. Okay, I trained as a journalist and have worked as an associate editor for four national magazines. I’ve heard all the jokes and stereotypes about poets, so I didn’t have the courage to call myself one until I was 33. I was a new mother who had seen enough late nights, early mornings and yellow baby poop that it didn’t matter anymore if everyone laughed at me when I told them how I was going to try to make a living.

I don’t make a living writing and publishing poetry books, but it makes me a life. It’s a large part of what brings me joy every day. As a work at home mother, I make some pretty good ‘college fund money’ (for my daughter) and ‘shoe money’ (for me) reading poetry and speaking about being…

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