Aeternum Cover Art Design

Check out Aeternum Designs by my wonderful and talented friend Kat McCarthy


Aeternum Designs is a graphic design company specializing in professional book cover art for fiction & non-fiction authors.

We design covers for ebooks, paperbacks and dustjackets for hardcovers.



Premade Covers:

If you are in a hurry for a professional cover, we have a few that are already designed and ready to go for both ebooks and Paperback.  If you desire no further customization, we can have them ready for you within a couple days. And by customization, we mean new or additional images, changes in background or fonts. Adding your title and name is included in the price.
Aeternum Designs is very excited about our startup. To prove it, we have some fabulous grand opening deals available.
We are offering a free ebook cover design once we reach 300 followers on Facebook & Twitter, so stop by the website and enter the Rafflecopter.
Second, for a limited time, we are gifting a free 3D image of your book cover design (value $50) with the purchase of a pre-made cover.
Also for a limited time, we are gifting a free Facebook Cover Image (value $50) to match your new custom book cover designed by us.

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