Rocks you to your core!! Nocturnal Ember by Helle Gade

Check out this awesome review of my poetry collection Nocturnal Embers ❤

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I knew this author was one to look out for, I was right. Her first poetry book(Silent Dreams) touched my heart and soul, I could feel her words. Nocturnal Embers is even better. The cover pulls you in first, then her poems of pain, seasons, innocence of children and dreams rock you to your core.The dreams that pull at your head and heart written for all to feel. The photography was a great surprise, when you look at the photos after reading the poems you can see her words in them. The author took those photos! Not many words on the page, but powerful enough to feel her message. I have total respect for this author showing and sharing her inner pain. Some of my favorite poems are, ( Writing) this poem reminds me of all my author friends and how they make us readers feel. Memories, just beautiful. Child’s…

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