Please welcome guest author Rosie Amber. She recently asked me some questions on her blog and now she is answering her own on questions here. 
Rosie Amber
Where do I live?
Hampshire, England.
When did I start writing?
As a child, but more recently last year.
3 Tips for writers or authors;
1. Write about what you know to start with.
2. Don’t be afraid to self publish
3. Children love technology, they are the future book buyers and they will buy e-books.
What was the last book that I read? I’m currently reading “After the Fall” by Charity Norman. It starts with a family emigrating to New Zealand, one of the children has suffered a terrible fall whilst sleep walking and the police are about to investigate. Each character wants or expects something different from their new life. I don’t know if they will survive or go back to England!


When the police have been seen at school on the second day of term, fighting breaks out amongst parents and gossip about individuals threatens to spiral out of control, can Mrs Hardy, the Headmistress at Moortulk Primary keep control for another school year?
Sophie Grey lands a self-made job where she is in a prime position to hunt out the inside story. Is this an idyllic English village school? Or is it on a par with St. Trinians?




 In the UK check out;


In the USA check out;


Rosie Amber was brought up in a beautiful Hampshire village; she is married and has two children. She combined her love of writing with a desire to embrace social technology. Talk of the Playground evolved from a spark of an idea from her experiences as a parent in the school playground. Rosie had fun writing the book and hopes it makes you chuckle and brings laughter into your life.


Join Rosie on her blog where she reviews books, talks to guest authors, joined The Very British Blog Tour 2013 and is taking part in the April AtoZ Challenge 2013.


Follow Rosie on Twitter @rosieamber1

Rosie Amber

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